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When it comes to beauty hacks, eyelashes are a must. Your eyes are your best assets despite their color. Your eyes are literally telling all what you think, feel and vibrates to anyone who can read them. For centuries the presence of long, dark eyelashes signify feminine beauty of the highest order for few reasons : - Long eyelashes creates the illusion of wide, gazing eyes. - Emphasize the sclera : the whites of the eyes, the brightness of which can indicate health and youth - Enhance the limbal ring : the dark ring around the iris of the eye. A black limbal ring is often associated with facial attractiveness. - Women tend to blink more slowly than men when dating, a habit that soft, fluttering lashes would accentuate. That is why it's highly important to enhance your look and take care of your eyelashes.

The eyelash revolution is on

The eyelash revolution is on. We all had at least one pretty hassling experience with glue false eyelashes : it doesn’t want to stick, it really damages your natural lashes when you try...

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Are lash extensions worth it?

You saw Kim Kardashian's last post and dream of the same selfie ready to go eyelashes? Before you dive-in, make sure your eyes can handle them.  When it comes to lashes extensions, you have...

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