Are falsies only for special occasions ?

We hear that a lot, most people think false eyelashes are just for special occasions. It is definitely a preconceived idea based on the thought of false = not natural. Wrong.

With S’Attraction lashes and the different types of falsies we have in stock, you can really find the perfect match of falsies just for you, depending on your personality and what you’re looking for. Choose our Love kit or one on the kit from our new collection here (link to the page) and you will have a natural pair for daily use and another one a bit more “plumps up” to create volume and a dazzling look. 

We also hear a lot "Are false eyelashes only for beginners" or I don't know how to make up, is it hard ?

We wanted to make sure that every woman could find what they are looking for, but still look amazing in the blink of an eye so we managed to offer two different technologies for beginners. 


Learn more about it here 

"if you are in hurry, it won't take you long to look fancy:  you can just apply the eyeliner which BTW can be very easy if you dare to practice :) watch our tutorial here:  link  and put your falsies on top (let it dry completely before doing so). 
And, If you want to go full-on, simply apply eyeshadow before your S'Attraction grip-eyeliner and lashes and you are good to go off the door."

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