Are lash extensions worth it?

You saw Kim Kardashian's last post and dream of the same selfie ready to go eyelashes? Before you dive-in, make sure your eyes can handle them. 

When it comes to lashes extensions, you have few options available on the market. 

Strip lashes : gluing a strip of temporary fake lashes onto your lash line.

  • pros : it's cheap and many different styles are available at any local supermarket.
  • cons: many people are allergic to the glue, the lashes are hard to apply and are only one time use. Make sure you've tested the glue on a small part of your skin (the back of your hand is a good option).

Semipermanent lashes : the technician hand glues each lash extension to your natural lashes.

  • Pros : fully customizable and look real, with good care they last for six to eight weeks until they naturally fall out like your lashes usually do.
  • Cons : that is an expensive option. You have to avoid using cream-based formulas and forget about normal make-up remover that contains oils and waxes that break down lash glue. You have to be very gentle with the lashes and avoid any friction (from your pillow, direct water in the shower, can't go in the steam...). Also, they are pricey for a basic set the range is anywhere from $100 to $400 + tip (20%) and because eyelashes grow and eventually fall out, you have to go back every few weeks for fill-ins, which can cost anywhere from $50 to $165, depending on how many new lashes you need. (the longer you go between fill-ins the more lashes you'll need to replace and the more it will cost you). You have to commit time for it : 2h30 for a full set and 1h - 1:30 for refills. Wearing lash extension can actually damage and even destroy your natural lashes. 

Magnetic eyelashes with liner : apply a fine line of magnetic eyeliner like you'd do with traditional make-up and place the fake lashes on top of it (the lashes are specially equiped with micro magnets will be attracted to the liner).

  • Pros: very easy to apply, many styles to choose from. Cheap and reusable up to 30 times. Can easily be removed. Quick option (only few seconds). Combines both make-up and lashes. Keep your eyelashes safe. 
  • Cons : there are some bad quality products on the market which doesn't provide strong enough magnet to stick to the lashes (if you decide to go for magnetic eyeliner, we advice you to look at quality product and reviews).

As you can see, there are few options to consider. If you've decided that you want to go for the semipermanent extensions, be prepared to dedicate extra maintenance and save some cash for it. We advice that you experiment few styles of magnetic falsies before you commit to anything.


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