The eyelash revolution is on

The eyelash revolution is on. We all had at least one pretty hassling experience with glue false eyelashes : it doesn’t want to stick, it really damages your natural lashes when you try to take them off, but on the top of all you really have to get the hand with the glue to put them on. Long story short, we’ve decided that falsies were just not made for us !

But we were wrong !

At S’Attraction we are not giving up easily, so we have heard of an ingenious new product on the market back in 2018 : the magnetic false eyelashes .

How does it works ?

The immediate difference you'll notice between these and glue-on lashes is that you'll get two strips per eye, not one. That's because you need one to lay on top of your natural lashes and one to go below. Teeny tiny magnets make them grip onto each other, which keeps them in place sandwiched around your own eyelashes. Written like that might seem complicated but it’s really not.

eyelashes natural


And the other good news is magnetic eyelashes do come off incredibly easily and they're highly reusable.

One thing you will have to keep in mind though, is that magnetic eyelashes have to be apply with your eyes open. So if you are the type of person who blinks easily and are just not comfortable with the idea you might want to switch to another type of falsies revolution :

Our grip liner !

You know how to trace a liner on your eyelid ? Then you know how to apply false eyelashes ! As simple as that !

How does it works ?

Our new eyeliner use the bidirectional grip technology and is pressure-sensitive, the bond occurs when you lightly press the lash band featuring bidirectional grip Technology to your liner. It holds all day but won’t dry down like glue, so you can adjust, restick and rewear your lashes up to 30 times.


Now that you know everything about false eyelashes which one do you want to try first ?

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