S'Attraction answers all your questions


The eyeliner itself is magnetic, and a single upper lash attaches to the liner magnetically and sets quickly ! S'Attraction Eyeliner is quick, easy and comfortable.

You can wear them with or without mascara.

You don't need to wear mascara to wear the Magnetic S'Attraction Eyeliner Lashes or keep them on. However, we suggest that you put a layer of mascara on your natural lashes prior to putting on your S'Attraction Lashes. Although it is not needed it does look nice because it blends the color of your natural lashes to the color of the S'Attraction Eye Lashes. BUT we do not recommend that you put mascara on the S'Attraction Lashes

Firstly, apply a line of eyeliner and insist on the inner and outer corder of your eye. Then, place the magnetic lash on the top of your naturel lash line to connect to the eyeliner you've just applied.

We managed to master perfect application  in as little as ten seconds.

Yes you can break a sweat, HIIT session. Also there are waterproof. 

Light as air. So light, that we completely forgot we were wearing them!

We can confirm that they're glasses compatible!

They're pretty much featherweight. You won’t even notice you wear them.

Good news for false lash-junkies - the S'Attraction Eyeliner Magnetic Lashes are reusable. They last for approximately 20-30 wears depending on care.

Yes they are ! Many of our customers use the S'Attraction Eyeliner with their lash extension especialy when their are in between refill. It will not damage your extension if you remove carefully your eyeliner with a cotton bud using your favorite make-up remover.