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Love the look of false lashes but don’t always have time to put them on?

Don’t have the time or money to book salon appointments and struggle with getting the glue on just right?

S’Attraction offers an innovative solution to your eyelash problems with the world’s first magnetic eyelashes!

Easy to use, these magnetic lashes are a must to keep on your vanity!





3 Magnetic Lashes That Are ACTUALLY Worth Trying

By Taylor Augustin March 12, 2021


S'Attraction Secret Look Lashes: $69.98

With lashes that look this natural, we're honestly tempted to wear them on the daily—not just for special occasions. We're loving S'Attraction's Secret lash style for its glamorous, full look. And while the price may seem a bit steep, the full kit includes a pair of lashes, two tubes of magnetic eyeliner, an eyelash case and an eyelash applicator. Plus, the lashes themselves can be worn up to 30 times, so you're actually getting quite the deal! These hold up well over time and are definitely worth the cost.




I Tried Magnetic Eyelashes from S’Attraction & Here’s What Happened

By Emily Lentz March 22, 2021


If you’re like me and are always looking for ways to elevate your glam, then you know the importance of a good set of false eyelashes. Finding a good pair that is quick and easy to apply can be a difficult feat. But, S’Attraction is here to help! The cosmetics brand offers several different options in magnetic false eyelashes, a game-changing magnetic eyeliner and an application tool that lets users obtain perfect lashes every time.

Originally launched in Paris, France by friends Anais and Stephanie, S’Attraction makes wearing false lashes easy and suitable for everyone. The dermatologist-tested, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free lashes contain tiny magnets that hook onto the magnetic eyeliner (no glue needed!) to stay in place all day long.

I had the chance to try out some of their lashes, and spoiler alert: I’m obsessed! When I first heard about magnetic falsies, I didn’t understand the hype. But, S’Attraction has changed my mind.

The Day N’ Night lash kit comes with two different pairs of magnetic eyelashes, two tubes of magnetic eyeliner, an eyelash applicator and an eyelash case with mirror. Made to provide both a natural look for the daytime and a bolder night look, the duo is perfect for anyone wanting to elevate their glam at any hour.

All you have to do is shake the eyeliner tube, apply the liner like normal and attach the lashes to the liner with the applicator. And Voila! You’re left with long, gorgeous lashes in basically no time.

I tried both pairs of lashes, but I preferred the shorter, more natural-looking set. They totally enhanced my makeup and made my lashes look better than ever. Although I didn’t have an event or something special to show off my glam, they were still fun to wear! I wore the lashes to run some errands, and while my face was hidden under a mask, my eyes still popped and made me look a little more put together.

A problem that I’ve had with false lashes in the past is how uncomfortable they can be when worn all day long. But I didn’t have that issue with S’Attraction. I applied the lashes in the morning and didn’t remove them until the evening time. They were so lightweight; I couldn’t even tell I had them on! Plus, they didn’t cause any irritation, and they stayed in place even after hours of wear.

S’Attraction’s magnetic lashes are reusable, and according to the brand’s site, they should last 20-30 wears depending on care. Not to mention, the eyelashes and eyeliner are both waterproof, so they can withstand just about anything. All you need is a good makeup remover to rid of the leftover liner when you remove the lashes at the end of the day.

Needless to say, I’m now obsessed with S’Attraction’s magnetic lashes, and I will be wearing them every chance I get! Even if it’s just to elevate my look in a Zoom meeting.

Click here to browse the brand. And be sure to follow S’Attraction on Instagram for more.






Hot trends: New fashion line/book, magnet lashes

by Helaine Williams | March 14, 2021 at 3:17 a.m.


Easter is approaching ... and there's been some progress when it comes to life getting back to -- dare I say? -- normal. Ladies looking for something to wear that special day might consider an outfit from the new line, LDT by Alex and Michael Toccin, that debuted exclusively at Dillard's stores in February. The Toccins are the New York-based husband and wife team who also purvey the Toccin NY brand.

"LDT offers a fresh take on American fashion with the powerfully feminine style of both the '60s and '90s," according to an announcement at "The mix of vibrant colors and thoughtful designs are perfectly balanced to create a collection that can be worn every day of the week."



It looks like magnetic lashes, the latest in the world of eyelash falsies, are here to stay. How could they not be? No glue involved, and even the most fumble-fingered can apply them in seconds. You take the accompanying magnetic liner, apply it to your eyelid as you would regular eyeliner, then you apply the lashes, which bear tiny magnets that adhere them to the liner. And that's it.

Having become a regular customer of one brand, I was recently provided with a handful of samples of a second brand: S'attraction. S'attraction was begun in 2018 in Paris by friends Anais and Stephanie (no last names given), who loved fake lashes but hated putting in the work and undergoing the risks, such as glue allergies, to wear them.

S'attraction kits consist of the Temptation Look (Doe eye), Classy Look (Glam) and Secret Look (Natural Effect). Kits are $69.98 -- $77.98 for Day 'N' Night Doe, a kit with two sets of lashes -- and come with lashes, a tube of magnetic eyeliner, an eyelash case with mirror and an applicator. A Love Kit, $74.99, also includes two lash pairs, plus the eyeliner in pencil form, mascara (it's suggested that, for color-blending purposes, wearers apply mascara to their natural lashes before applying the lash strips), cotton swabs and a makeup bag. Eyeliner by itself is $29.99.

I found myself quite impressed by the adhering power of S'attraction's liner, which -- if one lays it on thick and isn't careful while blinking -- will attach the lower lid to the upper lid with just about the same force with which that kid's tongue got stuck on the freezing pole in the movie "A Christmas Story." Some prying apart will need to be done. The good thing: The lashes will stay put. I recommend applying two coats; allowing the liner to dry before applying and carrying the liner with you in case of any needed touch-ups. The liner can be removed with makeup remover/wipes; a little work may be involved.

Visit At the time of this writing, a couple of the kits were sold out; that may have changed by now. If not, keep checking.





Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That She Will Use Right Away!

S’Attraction Magnetic Eyelashes

Price: $69.98+

This is the ultimate beauty hack for moms! These lashes will have mom feeling glamorous while also saving her time! S’Attraction offers an innovative solution to your eyelash problems with the world’s first magnetic eyelashes! Easy to use, these magnetic lashes are a must to keep on your vanity! The magnetic eyelashes make the application simple and easy to apply in only 10 seconds. They remain in place in any activity you do.






Fake eyelashes are a glamorous fashion statement for women who love to add that little extra to their look. Magnetic eyelashes will make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more attractive. The glamorous Secret Look (Natural Effect) magnetic lashes by S’Attraction lock into place with discreet magnets, and they’re reusable up to 30 times. The lash kit includes one pair of magnetic lashes, two tubes of the new waterproof magnetic eyeliner, one eyelash case with a mirror, and one eyelash applicator.


The gorgeous vegan-friendly lashes are easy to apply and will make your eyes pop, making this a must-have in your makeup for summer arsenal. Put your best fashion foot forward with this beautiful product!



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